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Welcome to Gilbert Lee Construction!

We are dedicated to providing quality service, custom design for specific needs of our customers while building great relationships with our clients and business partners.

Hot summer days or cold foggy ones can certainly affect us emotionally, as well as comfort wise in being productive at home or work. Having a good indoor comfort system operating as efficient as possible is vital to our well being here in the Central Valley.

Gilbert Lee Construction began with Gilbert as a carpenter, specializing in cabinetry for beauty shops. As circumstances changed, he entered the sheet metal / air conditioning / heating trade, designing and fabricating hoods for commercial kitchens. As needs of the clientele developed, our services led into Tenant Improvement (Retail stores, Restaurants, Markets). We have the capability to not only design plans, but to fulfill all the equipment and services necessary to make those plans a reality. Now with our Solar photovoltaic (PV) expansion, we can serve our customers needs with environmentally friendly solutions and offer value to you. It enables us to generate energy from sunlight. (GREEN)

We offer various brands of air conditioning/ heating systems with the focus on high energy efficient options. Most air conditioning units have been package unit (roof top) or split system (outside on the ground and furnace inside the house). In recent years, new technology has developed with air conditioning evolving into extremely quiet and high energy efficiency with comfort control systems. Currently, there are ductless systems which improve upon energy efficiency and allow individual comfort control zoning within one building.

Our challenge is to bring you our expertise to accomplish your goals and go GREEN for the generations to come.

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